Why now?
Critical challenges
at a tipping point

Today societies face unprecedented, complex, and threatening problems, and they face them on multiple fronts. Simple solutions don’t exist. Worse, the institutions that once might have addressed such challenges as climate change, mass migration, aging populations, civic disengagement, and more are being stressed in unprecedented ways—and even eliminated.

At RAND we know the transformative power of evidence-based research and analysis, and we know the kinds of cross-functional talents, long-term commitments, and coalitions needed to prevail in the face of complexity. Through our inspired teams, community engagement, global reach, and ability to shape the next generation of policy leaders through the Pardee RAND Graduate School, we’re strongly positioned to seize the initiative. We at RAND have decided to step forward.

From problem solving
to future-making

RAND is a national asset with global reach. We execute smart, strategic initiatives that deliver real change. With our graduate school, we are redefining public policy in action for a transformed world. The tools and talent we apply are second to none.

For more than 70 years, we have excelled at addressing the kinds of complex, unpredictable problems that can too easily turn into crises. And we’ve done so across the policy landscape. The solutions we have developed have fostered peace, advanced freedom, and paved the way for new technologies and ways of doing things that have left an indelible mark on the world we live in.