We must rethink and
retool institutions.

In the decades leading up to the present, nobody could have foreseen today’s political and economic environment. The time is ripe for a broad rethinking of the institutions and arrangements that have defined everything from banking, economic development, and commerce to defense, law enforcement, and human rights.

RAND will help to revitalize existing institutions as well as design new ones for the world we live in today—and for tomorrow. Doing so will fully engage our research divisions, international centers, policy design studios, and graduate school talent.

Key themes for this priority


Previously unrealized economic, educational, social, health, and environmental benefits appear to be imminent. At the same time, new technologies threaten to disrupt existing institutions and pose risks that are difficult to assess but potentially serious, even existential.


Ensuring affordable, equitable, and high-quality care takes on renewed urgency when per capita spending is by far the highest of any wealthy country and life expectancy, already the lowest among developed nations, is beginning to recede.

Improving economic prospects for the bottom billion

While many have prospered in recent decades, living conditions for the bottom billion humans have changed little over time. RAND will focus on knowledge and action to improve these conditions and advance the prospects for global human progress.

Security, diplomacy, and national strength

The roles and relations of nations are undergoing the most significant realignment since the end of the Second World War. A changing world order calls for reassessing and reimagining the foundations on which the United States’ posture toward other nations is built.

Representative funding opportunities

Artificial intelligence and national security endowed chair and research program


To allow policy and lawmakers to better understand the security complications of advanced technology

Artificial Intelligence has profound implications on nearly all facets of human life—including national security. The endowed chair and research program will focus on the technical and non-technical aspects of Artificial Intelligence as it relates to national and international security.

Desired outcome:

Retooling national and international security institutions to address forthcoming challenges in technology advancement

The future of security research fund, chair or fellowship


A clearer understanding of what it will take to be secure in the future

Policymakers need to plan today for the security risks of tomorrow. This initiative will create a network of security specialists who can deliver innovative solutions to governments and nongovernmental organizations.

Desired outcome:

Safer, more secure communities throughout the world

The Rand Center for the analysis of U.S. grand strategy


A deep understanding of various approaches to U.S. grand strategy and their policy implications

RAND will assemble multidisciplinary teams to analyze the evidence on competing positions in the ongoing strategy debate regarding the United States’ relations with Russia and China as well as U.S. alliances and U.S. military interventions in the Middle East and elsewhere. We will lay out alternative grand strategies together with objective analysis of their respective strengths and weaknesses.

Desired outcome:

A wide range of fully developed options for future U.S. grand strategy by U.S. policymakers at a time of geopolitical change

The rand institute for global human progress


Focus sustained attention on the bottom billion through research and analysis and local partnerships

The institute will convene RAND researchers and Pardee RAND Ph.D. students from a variety of disciplines. Together they will work to address complex and highly diverse local conditions as part of RAND’s focus on knowledge and action to improve the prospects of the least advantaged communities around the globe. We will pursue sustainable, lasting solutions that can advance human progress.

Desired outcome:

Create more favorable conditions so the least advantaged can be safer and more secure, healthier and more prosperous

The rand center for technology and health care


Making the best use of new health care tools and technologies

Rapid changes in predictive modeling, personalized treatments, mobile monitoring, and the availability of big data are fundamentally changing how health care can be delivered. RAND will identify the most promising applications, integrate them into clinical care and social support systems, and create a policy framework to support their fair and ethical use.

Desired outcome:

Dramatic, systemic improvements to health and health care

The rand institute for criminal justice reform


Providing policy solutions to fix the criminal justice system for communities most in need

The criminal justice system does not work equitably for all. Individuals and families suffer, often over multiple generations, placing some communities further away from educational and economic opportunity. RAND will offer solutions that break this intergenerational cycle and improve outcomes for those involved in this complex system.

Desired outcome:

A policy path for redesigning a criminal justice system that works for all