Needed: Bold solutions for a changing world

A changing world faces a new set of problems that threaten communities and societies worldwide. The RAND Corporation is on an urgent mission to solve these problems in the best way we know how—through the power of objective and evidence-based research and analysis, applied and taught in groundbreaking and far-reaching ways.

Become a catalyst for change

RAND cannot fulfill its mission by relying only on project-based revenues. The challenges are simply too big, too complex, too diverse, and, in some cases, too controversial. And so, as we face the critical issues of our time, we must look beyond our government clients for support. That is why we are asking you to stand with us. Tomorrow demands today.

With your support, our people and expertise can serve the public welfare as never before.

Are you ready to confront big problems with bold ideas? To take on daunting challenges with daring courses of action? We are.

Let’s create change together.

Our goal: $400,000,000

$0 raised

Campaign committee

Our campaign committee members include distinguished individuals from business, media, academia, and the public sector who have demonstrated leadership, impact, and a commitment to transcending partisan conflicts and political ideologies.

  • Joel Z. Hyatt
    Chair, RAND Campaign Cabinet; RAND Trustee
  • Adam Flatto
    Chair, RAND Center for Global Risk and Security (CGRS) Advisory Board
  • Pedro José Greer, Jr., M.D.
    RAND Health Board of Advisors; Pardee RAND Board of Governors; RAND Trustee
  • Rita Hauser
    Former RAND Trustee
  • Karen Elliott House
    RAND Trustee
  • James B. Lovelace
    Chair, Pardee RAND Board of Governors
  • Peter S. Lowy
    RAND Trustee
  • Michael Lynton
    RAND Trustee
  • Bill Mayer
    Pardee RAND Board of Governors
  • Ron Olson
    Former RAND Trustee; Co-Chair, Alumni Trustee Campaign
  • David L. Porges
    RAND Trustee
  • Donald Rice
    RAND Trustee; Pardee RAND Board of Governors
  • Timothy Wolf
    Pardee RAND Board of Governors