We must enhance the
Pardee RAND Graduate
School to better prepare
the next generation of
global policy experts.

An educational institution like no other, the Pardee RAND Graduate School injects a rich diversity of experience and talent into RAND, keeping the organization at the forefront of policy innovation. The school has reimagined its academic structure and curriculum to align with the educational needs of a fundamentally transformed world. The continued evolution of Pardee RAND—one of the nation’s great engines for research talent—will help shape future leaders who are skilled at addressing complex challenges and developing policy solutions to improve the lives of people everywhere.

Key themes for this priority


Pardee RAND students are working on today’s challenges, partnering with communities, uncovering new technologies and methods, and striving to change the world. Scholarships, fellowships, and dissertation awards are three ways in which we invest in our future leaders. By covering tuition and expenses, we can ensure students’ continued access—regardless of background and economic circumstances—to a Pardee RAND education.


Pardee RAND professors not only bring their academic minds to the classroom but provide students with unmatched learning, training, and mentoring opportunities. Pardee RAND must recruit and retain talented professors and support them as they translate classroom lessons into real-world applications that benefit and improve our world.


Learning continues long after students leave the classroom. By designing and constructing new study spaces and areas for collaboration and innovation, we can encourage more interaction and engagement among and between our students and faculty members—and foster deeper learning and connections throughout the organization.


Pardee RAND set the standard for public policy graduate education. As an integral part of RAND, the school’s growth and expansion to RAND locations throughout the world, creating a global school of public policy, is essential. The talent, tools, and ideas that stem from Pardee RAND greatly expand RAND’s ability to benefit individuals and communities everywhere.