RAND must be able to act
on fast-breaking and
unpredictable priorities.

Throughout RAND’s history, we have developed groundbreaking solutions to some of the world’s most challenging problems, often shaping the course of events in profound ways. Beginning with experts on a broader range of policy issues than any other research organization, we have the talent, tools, and ambition to confront complexity with sustained research and analysis. Today, however, the situations we face are without precedent. To ensure we can address them forcefully when they arise, we will direct a portion of our funding to discretionary uses and initiatives we can scale flexibly.


Key themes for this priority


The RAND organization includes brilliant, provocative, and highly esteemed researchers, many of them internationally recognized for their global leadership in government, business, social welfare, and academia as well as for their policy work. Many teach at the Pardee RAND Graduate School. They are true drivers of change.


RAND focuses on a simple but vital purpose: to make communities throughout the world safer and more secure, healthier and more prosperous. We aim to uphold this purpose through every initiative our campaign touches.


Our mission calls for us to champion objective analysis even as governments and other institutions appear less committed to it. The future of RAND hinges on providing ideas, approaches, and road maps to benefit individuals, societies, and the international community.


Representative funding opportunities

Endowed RAND Leadership Positions

Funding will support RAND’s long-term planning for research divisions, centers, and institutes dedicated to emerging needs and topics. It will help drive resources to mission-focused work and provide enhanced leadership and mentorship opportunities.

Endowed Policy Chairs and Fellows

Endowed chairs and fellowships are awarded to senior analysts of distinction. These individuals are researchers whose commitment, passion, and innovation have been recognized by other leaders in their fields. The prestigious appointments help RAND retain current researchers and attract new, talented scholars.

Impact Awards

Impact awards extend work on completed projects, helping researchers give the work a boost in visibility and reach. The funding allows RAND teams to respond to new windows of opportunity, updating and synthesizing completed research, disseminating the results to policymakers, and assisting in capacity building and policy implementation.

Capital Investment

Breakthrough insights in research as well as the ongoing development of applicable technologies may warrant selective investments in RAND’s physical infrastructure. This funding will enable RAND to support state-of-the-art facility and policy research
and analysis needs.

RAND Archives

RAND maintains an archive at its Santa Monica headquarters campus as well as online, which spans the organization’s more than 70-year history. By making the archives more accessible, both digitally and physically, RAND can increase visibility for the institution and the work we do.

Designated Discretionary Funding

Unrestricted contributions are the driving force behind RAND’s ability to innovate and excel. The funding supports RAND’s ability to take the long view, tackle tough and often controversial topics, and share findings in innovative and compelling ways. This support helps RAND rapidly respond to extraordinary and unexpected opportunities.