RAND and Pardee RAND
must be able to act on
fast-breaking and
unpredictable priorities.

RAND research has informed many of the most important decisions of our time. Throughout our history, we have developed groundbreaking solutions to complex and challenging problems, often shaping the course of events in profound ways. Today, however, the situations we face are without precedent. To ensure we can address them forcefully when they arise, we will direct a portion of the funds we raise to discretionary uses and initiatives we can scale flexibly.


Key themes for this priority


With experts on a broader range of policy issues than any other research organization, including many who teach at the Pardee RAND Graduate School, the people of RAND have the talent, tools, and ambition to confront complexity with sustained research and analysis. They are true drivers of change.


RAND’s purpose is to ensure that the most important decisions—the ones that affect the most people and involve the most public resources—are made with the best-possible analysis. We aim to uphold this purpose through every initiative our campaign touches.


We are dedicated to championing objective analysis to make communities throughout the world safer and more secure, healthier and more prosperous. The future of RAND hinges on providing ideas, approaches, and road maps to benefit individuals, societies, and the international community.