• Joel Z. Hyatt
    Chair, RAND Campaign Cabinet; RAND Trustee
  • Adam Flatto
    Chair, RAND Center for Global Risk and Security (CGRS) Advisory Board
  • Malcolm Gladwell
    RAND Trustee
  • Pedro José Greer, Jr., M.D.
    RAND Health Board of Advisors; Pardee RAND Board of Governors; Former RAND Trustee
  • Rita Hauser
    Former RAND Trustee
  • Karen Elliott House
    Former RAND Trustee
  • Ann Korologos
    Trustee Emeritus; Co-Chair, Alumni Trustee Campaign
  • James B. Lovelace
    Chair, Pardee RAND Board of Governors
  • Peter S. Lowy
    RAND Trustee
  • Michael Lynton
    RAND Trustee
  • Bill Mayer
    Pardee RAND Board of Governors
  • Ron Olson
    Former RAND Trustee; Co-Chair, Alumni Trustee Campaign
  • David L. Porges
    RAND Trustee
  • Donald Rice
    RAND Trustee; Pardee RAND Board of Governors
  • Jay Stein
    RAND Center for Middle East Public Policy (CMEPP) Advisory Board
  • Timothy Wolf
    Pardee RAND Board of Governors