About RAND

RAND’s purpose is both simple and incredibly complex: We exist to help policymakers make decisions based on the best possible information. At RAND, our results are fueled by the best data, the strongest methods, and the brightest minds.

Since our early emphasis on national security challenges, our work has become increasingly multidisciplinary and broad in scope. Our staff hail from more than 350 distinct academic disciplines and fields of study. We deliberately construct diverse project teams so that multiple perspectives are voiced.


About the Pardee RAND
Graduate School

The Pardee RAND Graduate School is a selective, multidisciplinary graduate program with a focus on policy analysis and the ways it can shape our world.

Founded in 1970, the school is named for Frederick S. Pardee—benefactor, board member, and RAND researcher who passed in June 2022. Our faculty is drawn from members of RAND’s research staff. Our students come from diverse personal, cultural and academic backgrounds. To date, more than 400 alumni have graduated with the theoretical and applied skills that enable them to tackle hard issues around the globe.